Manage Disease Without Waiting For LabWork


BreviTest Technologies, LLC (Houston, TX) has developed a point-of-care analyzer capable of accurately performing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), the gold standard for measuring concentrations of molecules in solution. Unlike ELISAs done in laboratories with bulky and costly instruments over several hours, our technology is portable, has a onestep user operation with runtime less than 15 minutes, and is expected to have low price points for the analyzer and the disposable test cartridges. It is a platform technology, capable of performing a wide variety of tests, while maintaining laboratory-quality performance in terms of sensitivity and specificity. For possibly the first time in the world, we have successfully demonstrated completely automated ELISA reactions performed in less than 15 minutes. Unlike lateral flow devices, the BreviTest analyzer performs a true quantitative ELISA reaction with high sensitivity.


This is a broadly applicable platform technology targeted towards markets with an unmet need for a sensitive, easy-to-use, point-of-care method to quantify molecules. BreviTest’s product not only provides solutions for the traditional point-of-care clinical markets, estimated to be $25 billion worldwide, but also has the potential for use in other diverse areas where a cheap, portable, quick, and user-friendly bioanalytical method is needed. We are working with co-developmental partners to develop and test the technology further with the goal of reaching a wide range of markets including clinical, veterinary, law enforcement, population screening, forensic, environmental, toxicology, and lifestyle applications. Some of our current collaborators include Cayman Chemical Company, APC Health LLC, CDC, antibody manufacturers, and health sciences universities.


1. Platform technology: Can test for a variety of analytes, including proteins, small molecules, and serum antibodies (serology).

2. Accurate: Inherently similar to laboratory ELISA tests.

3. Rapid: Runtime of less than 15 minutes.

4. Portable: Length 9”; form factor of a sub sandwich; long-life battery.

5. Economical: Analyzer price less than $5,000.

6. User-friendly: Single-point user intervention via smartphone or PC.

7. Complete system: Analyzer performs entire ELISA, including optical reading and data upload to cloud; no additional equipment needed.